Lost? Bad memory? Anxiety?

My therapist thinks i’m okay but i forgot to say that i’m not mentally organized, like, i’m making an effort to concentrate, the memory is failling, i’m feeling a little bit lost. I’m questioning if my self esteem is going down or not? I don’t know what is happening. Too much stress? Too much anxiety? Too low AP dose? I’m too scared? Something is not right…

I’ll see my pdoc next week. :pray:

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Could be something like a dysphoria in terms of mood, @Greenmind. I know, I think maybe I’ve had them before. They can be a frig of a thing to pull yourself out of. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Ok. It could be just that. I don’t want it to scalate to something more serious.

For the most part, you basically have to just say to yourself “Stop”, and then try to distract yourself. Are your thoughts racing as well? That’s one sign that’s indicative of it.


I’ll try to say STOP to myself. I’ll try it everytime this week. Until i feel normal again.

But i have to confess that the last four days were messy. My brain is not coperating with me. The reality is not a full compact thing but it is fragmentated. My brain is “fragmenting”. It is what it does in psychotic crisis. I’m scared of relapse.

Thank you.


Have you been sleeping enough?

I slept around 6 hours the last three days and today i finally slept 9 hours (i took trazodone, SOS):slight_smile: i wasn’t sleeping enough no

Could be that you just weren’t sleeping enough for a few days. Caffeine tends to make it worse.

I had a few days similiar to that.

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