Poll: which has less side effects Invega or Latuda?

  • Invega
  • Latuda

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I think Latuda.

Invega has literally no anxiety side effects while as Latuda is known to give off alot of anxiety.

However, I remember I slept like a baby with Latuda but Invega wasnt as sedating.

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I’m trying to figure out if i should switch from invega which I have been on for 8 years, to latuda or maybe even caplyta.

Why’s that ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have so many side effects from the invega. Decreased libido, vertigo, akasthisia, anhedonia, difficulty swallowing, and so many more.

Hmm, I see.

Ask your pdoc, they know best when it comes to side effects and such.

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I’m gonna bring it up with my pdoc again but he says he has no clue as to why I experience difficulty swallowing. If you look up side effects for invega on drugs.com it clearly lists difficulty swallowing as one of the side effects. I will see him in June. If I don’t get the answers I seek then I might consider finding a new doctor.

I wouldn’t waste the energy to look deeper into it :roll_eyes:

Nobody knows how neuroleptics work, I believe.