Poll: whats your favourite creative pursuits?

whats your favourite creative pursuits?

do you like

  • music (making music, listening, magazines, etc)
  • art (painting, sketching, sculpting, etc)
  • writing (poetry, fiction, sci-fi, etc)
  • design (web, games, buildings, interior, garden etc)
  • hobbies/crafts (building models, stamp collecting, knitting, etc)
  • other

I chose writing as when I’m in the mood,which is infrequently nowadays, I write mediocre lyrics and poems.

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music stops me hearing voices thats why its my favourite.

Art, music and writing XD

I like writing and crafts.

I do a little writing. I belong to a writer’s group in Siloam Springs. I enter a contest occasionally. Also, I just love to watch a good documentary on youtube. Lately I’ve been watching documentaries about physics and astronomy. For a while I watched documentaries on famous painters. Sometimes I watch documentaries on military issues. I also watch them on history.

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A little bit of all of the above. Dabbler in all… master of none.


I like building models though I never do. I paint, and I play music both I chose art as my vote. I think art, music and hobbies are all quisessential for therapy for schizophrenics. Even if you can’t paint or draw or build models or play music. please try to. you will feel better.

writing, and also art if I have motivation.