Therapeutic activities for schizophrenics?

Whats your activities that make you feel better and move forward?


I like to draw or write


I like to watch and listen to radio about sports.


What do you like to write about if you dont mind me asking? Like creative writing or journaling? Any tips to get into that writing habit?

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Write poetry
Watch hockey
Hang out with my kids
Watch Netflix
Listen to audio books
Listen to music

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I like to write stories or songs. I also like to just journal sometimes, it lets you talk about what’s bothering you without needing to see a therapist. I can’t think of any good tips, but just write a story or song one day. It takes your mind off of what’s going on to focus on what comes next. I like it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cooking is therapeutic for me sometimes.

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Having a cuppa and petting a kitty.


Cold showers, writing, coffee

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sleep sleep and more sleep


When I can I work on my books. One of my favorite things in the world is identifying plants. My second favorite is learning how to do things the old fashioned way.


I suck when it comes to expressing myself artistically or creatively. But I think creativity comes in different forms. I rather study a math proof than write a haiku.

Maybe I would benefit if I challenged myself in those areas? I think my verbal reasoning has gone through the toilet due to mental illness.

I enjoy reading articles on philosophy. I like reading biographies and books about physics.

I’m supposed to be reading Beautiful Mind and How Not To Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking.

As someone with low energy, I enjoy walking.

Activities that make me feel good include

Writing and promoting my book.
Playing and performing piano
Interacting with my cat
Making love with my wife

I know cigarettes are bad but I heard lots of sz like to smoke

Reading, writing, drawing, playing guitar. I also used to make jewelry and I want to get back into it. It was very therapeutic for me.

I like fishing. One of the few things that makes me happy.

I drive around. Drink lattes, go on this site, smoke cigarettes

How about listening to songs that you like?

Sleep. I get all I can. If I could sleep more I would.