What are your hobbies?


The main thing my therapist has been trying to get me to do is find a hobby. Something to occupy some time since I’m stuck in a isolation warp. So last Saturday my bf took me to the pet store to get our persian some medicine and when we were checking out I noticed these little cups and there was a sign in front of them that said 10 dollars. So I went to look and they were baby Rosehair Tarantulas. I never had a interest in them until I seen them. So I went home and was hooked to the laptop all night researching these creatures and became super interested. So the next day my bf took me back and I picked one out and made her a home. Found out she was female so I named her Wednesday. I know some people are creeped out by spiders but theres so much to learn and so many kinds its became a really cool and interesting hobby for me.

What are some of your hobbies that help take up some of your time?


I like to write. I’ve written poems mostly, some autobio and some fantasy. My attention span is very short so is my writing.

I think daydreamer has a spider.


I do have a fear of spiders, but I love the Adams Family reference. :smiley:

For a hobby? I do like to swim and surf. I do love to read.


I used to like playing the piano and guitar but not so much now. I think it’s the meds.


I like to read books on medieval and pre-modern Japanese and East Asian history. I also like to read up on the history of the United States, but haven’t found time to continue on with my studies.


I draw and go to the gym.


Nothing much really nowadays . I used to research family tree quite a lot but that has died down . I attempted to go the DNA route(Y/mtDNA/autosomal) but that’s only lead to a third cousin twice removed. Only one other person with my surname in the database and i can’t get him to increase his markers to firm up a possible connection.


I had a tarantula for a few years. He was given to me as a gift. Unfortunately, my friend who gave him to me didn’t realize that I was terrified of spiders lol. Seriously, majorly phobic.

But I gave him a good home and took good care of him. I just hated that I had to feed him live crickets. I couldn’t watch him eat. He just creeped me out in general. So I wasn’t very sad when he died.

I got a dog a few years later. And I’ve had him for 11 years now. Playing with him and taking him for walks is a great hobby.

I also play piano a lot as a hobby. For at least an hour every day. Sometimes more. I’ve recorded about 14 of my favorite songs and put them on YouTube. That’s been a great hobby for me. And one of my songs has over 2,000 views now!

Still, I have a lot of free time. So I’m always looking for new activities to stimulate my mind.

Great topic, by the way!




I draw manga, write, read, and go on RPGs.


What songs are they? I wanna check them out now


They’re my favorite church songs. I can’t find a link to view all of them, but here are a few of them:




i have a dog too that is a rescue and special needs dog. I spend a lot of time with her. She is my baby. I journal my feelings sometimes. I tried going to a therapist once and she was so busy writing EVERYTHING i said down on paper i got rather annoyed. she didn’t even talk i was just talking. So i decided to start writing in my own journal my thoughts it was about as much help as i got from her anyways! I use to be pretty athletic and like sports. I’ve gained weight the last couple years so i’m always trying to lose weight but pretty unsuccessfully so far. :frowning: I use to play the piano too but haven’t in years!! i may try picking that up again though.


Nice songs Anthony! Is that you playing?


I love to read, write, go for walks and collect flora, and partake in the BJD (ball jointed doll) hobby. I used to volunteer often, but my anxiety and sporadic episodes have really put a damper on me interacting with other people.


Thank you! Yes, that’s me playing. Those songs are from way back when I used to be the pianist and music director for my church. They’re old, but still good!




I crack codes.

The last ones dealt with the laws of physics. I cracked the code concerning Particle/Wave Duality, Action at a Distance, Collapse of the Quantum Wave, and Quantum Delayed Choice.

However, in today’s world, any breakthrough of this nature is only examined by others if you also have a PhD in physics, meaning it is only examined by those who have not made such a breakthrough due to having a PhD in physics and thus in turn are still making those same old mistakes that have been holding them back in the first place.

In other words, today, for instance, if you were just some nobody who worked in a Patent Office, and you came up with a brilliant idea or theory that belongs in the world of physics, you will be told to take a hike if you try to present your papers to the world of science. Today is far different than the days of Albert Einstein.

At the moment I am in the process of throwing together a video that shows the average Joe Blow how to derive all of the equations involved in Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity.

At the same time this shows the average Joe Blow how to understand the Special Theory of Relativity better than most university grads actually understand it.


At the moment, I don’t get out of the house much. The nurse that’s seeing me is trying to get me involved in various activities.
She says it might be quite difficult, as the activities might not be ‘academic’ enough for me (her words, not mine.)
I’ll try anything at least once! I’d be really interested in some sort of exercise class.


Mostly photography, art and video games.


Another book fan who is in to flowers. What is your favorite book and flower?

For cut and indoor displays I like white Tulips, and Carnations. Outside for ground cover I am amazed at the complexity of crocus and iris. But I’m a vining roses and lilac fan for landscaping. (I am a gardner that’s why I have this thing about plants)

What are some of your favorite books?