POLL: what kind of disability checks do you receive, if any?

what kind of disability checks do you receive, if any?
  • i get SSDI
  • i get SSI
  • i get VA disability
  • i get disability from a job
  • i get another source of disability

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I am on sickness unemloyment, disability from a job. But I think its just for 1y and will expire soon. I will have to get on disability soon. I already opened a disability bank account a few months ago. They said I can keep this bank’s account benefits even if I work part time but I can’t work anymore on my current meds and dosage.

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I’m on the disability pension over here in Oz.

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Limited capability here. But I also have an amazing nhs employment specialist who helps me with job related stuff :slight_smile:

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im surprised there aren’t more SSI votes given most people get the disease when they are too young to be insured through other types of benefits

My beautiful husbund looks after me thank god

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I am on disability allowance,herein ireland!

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I have this too until September

She has helped me so much sort out my self employed work


I’m on cpp here in Canada ( canadian pension plan)


Fantastic service from the NHS :slight_smile: mine is so supportive!

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i’m on disability here in Belgium. I didn’t vote cause i don’t know about all that stuff that is in the poll.

so no one voted for SSI? that’s strange.

They extended it to September 2021 then I will go on disability if I still can’t work.

I don’t receive disability. I’ve never applied for it, but am considering it in the next year or two.

I honestly don’t remember if it’s ssdi or ssi. It’s whatever one pays more. I’d love to work again but stress and me just don’t get along. I don’t see me getting a job anytime soon

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