POLL: What age do you consider someone "old"?

  • 35
  • 40
  • 45
  • 50
  • 55
  • 60
  • 65
  • 70
  • 75
  • 80+

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I think it is relative to how old you are. :shrimp::shrimp::shrimp:


As I keep getting older I keep pushing back what it means to be old…

I don’t even know what to vote on this lol


I was feeling old in my thirties and asked my rheumatologist when someone is considered old. She said at 65 she would consider someone a little bit elderly.

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Yeah, I can’t really vote either. Don’t know where to place it. I call myself old a lot , but in truth I have pushed back the definition of what is really old to some degree as I’ve aged, just like Human.

There is a part of the young me that still views 50 as old and a part of the “almost 50” me that has pushed back definition to what is really old.

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I am 60, if I died they would say, “he died early”…so I voted 80. you’re only as old as you feel…if I keep my health I am willing to live as long as I can.


When I was in high school I thought 30 was old. Now I am 52. My Dad lived to 75 and COVID killed him or he would still be here. My grandfather lived to 86. He just passed away a few years ago.

I am with Jukebox. I think I got 75 to 85 years in me. Even with the schizophrenia.


I’m 40 now. I feel old! I guess when you hit middle age then you are old. There is so much you can’t do when reaching your forties. Like working out as hard as I did in my youth. Some sports are a risk so I can’t actually do them anymore.

But you gain some stuff. People are more mature and respect you more. You can actually talk to a stranger without feeling judgement. People are more nice at this age.

I feel more rational and more present than I did in my youth.

I was very shy! I’m still struggling with some things but I do stuff that I couldn’t do when I was younger.

Also I care less about peoples opinions about me. And I have it rough, with BS- talking neighbors and even strangers that say hurtful things about me.


Same. I even thought 25 was old.


I think you’re officially old when you surpass life’s expectancy, and it’s something to be proud of


That’s a good way to think about it! Thanks for voting.


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