I don't see myself as young anymore

I see myself as old not by age or looks but mentally. I feel emotionally exhausted and ready to settle and not worry about much but for what I wanna worry about


In my experience, anything under thirty is young.

@agent101g I’m 26 but feel so much older

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So did I when I was in my twenties. When you’re thirty-five you’ll look back and realize how immortal you were.

Waiting for someone in their forties to come put me in my place lol.

It’s probably a good thing, a sign of maturity maybe.

Your only a baby at 26 :grin:

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A guy who works at the convenience store always refers to me a kid and I just turned 40. I think he’s in his 60’s. I guess it’s subjective.

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I knew a 70+ -year-old person who called someone in their 60’s a “kid.” She said, “At my age, you are all children.” :laughing:


Oh man, I wish I could talk to my great-grandma and get her opinion. She’s 101! My grandma is 80, and she still runs around more than I do. Yeesh.

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I now tend to refer to college age people as kids. I guess I’m in the same boat.

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Some of my family says irl I’m older than my years. Meanwhile my nurse says I’m already an old man.
Somewhere in the middle is the goal.
Wisdom is the goal.

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