Poll: The word Normie

Recently I’ve been questioning this word. Is it a good word to use? Why do we use it? How do you use it?

I find myself using it only when I am angry with people for misunderstanding. Not in person to a non-sz/a person but just under my breath as a form of personal slander on them. But, it really isn’t a slander word. Is it? If so, does that make my best friend who is always supportive and accepting a normie? Or, is she not a normie, because she understands?

Is it fair that I might have a symptom, get mocked or poorly understood by a non-sz/a person, and after call them a “damn normie” in anger?

If I called another sz/a (say yourself) a “normie” would this be considered offensive or a compliment or more of a wtf moment?
I am in a mode of extreme questioning of matters.

What do you use the word normie for?

  • To identify/name a group
  • As a form of slander
  • To establish a difference
  • I don’t use that word
  • Other reasons

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I am curious of this. Everyone’s response and opinion is welcome just as long as it is not offensive. Finally, this is not meant to offend anyone in anyway.

I prefer ‘neurotypical’. It’s how I describe non-autistics.


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I don’t really every say that. I just refer as not mentally ill

I’m normal. I’m also weird. It’s a situational thing.


You just sound polite and nice to me. When some ignorant fool is getting on my nerves, I’m more inclined to call them things I ought not spell out here.


I call them a creep. Normal or schizo it doesn’t matter to me.

I use it as slander usualy in a humorous context if you suck you suck normie or sz

I don’t think I could offend anyone using that word so I don’t use it like that. I might if I could though.

I’m trying to stay away from using insignificant labels - “Normie” does not mean much.

The truth is that no one is “Normal”


I’m an atypical ‘neurotypical’ .

I am glad that many of us are moving away from the labels. I can’t guarantee anything, but I too am going to try to no longer use normie.

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Noone could ever explain what normal is. It’s just an unachievable standard.

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I use Typical for “normal” people.

Many names to describe the ‘Average’.
I frequently lump them under ‘They’ or ‘Them’ just in case someone might mistakenly assume I’m one - of them.