Calling all artists!

What’s something that you have created that normies seem to like for no discernible reason? As someone who likes to write (aka: semi professional talkitive jerk), my story about a spider and a bug went over pretty well. What the fjdsklljk? Just change the type of bug to a fly and you have a fjdslk cliche that basically is the king of all cliches which other cliches bow down to because of its venerable age.
And my poem about being a statue? Brilliance (this is all relative of course) fjsdkl free form brilliance and all I got was "it doesn’t have to rhyme. I know that. We all know that. It rhymes because I want it to! fdsjklfdsjkl fjdsklfkjds dsjkljfsdk fdsjklfjkds!
And “The Raven!” Poe wrote that because he was broke! He was probably like “well, this is a piece of crud, but I need $50. Here you go.” And then he got drunk because he submitted something he didn’t like.

completely off topic… and I do get ribbed for this but…

“Normie” hate makes me sad… :cry:


I draw. I never thought much about if other ppl likes what I draw. I just create what is in my mind.

I used to say “normie” or “normal” when referring to someone without SZ, I realized it can be viewed as being more hurtful or harmful than anything else. Now when I describe someone without my illness I use the term non SZ - this is more pleasant and less stigmatizing


Hmmmm that’s true. My apologizes to all mentally healthy people! I used normie because I saw it here before and assumed it wouldn’t upset anyone. I don’t mean non sz, I mean people who are perfectly healthy mentally. It just seemed convenient too.
I don’t hate them. There are too many in my life that I love. They try to understand and they see how horrible this is. I just am getting frustrated at “healthy” critics who look at what I am doing as an amusement. Not as a message.
What angers me more is the “artists” who feel like they need to damage their brains with drugs, not because of pain, but to induce pain to try to be artists. Health is a very precious gift. I understand the need to create, but why turn your life into heck just for a chance to be famous? That’s all it is. A chance. It’s usually not the people who deserve to be famous who are.
I apologize to all the normal people on here. I hope you know that I didn’t mean you. I really think you guys are awesome. I know this sounds almost like a form letter, but I mean it.

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My kid sis had an english teacher who was going to fail her because he said she was a bad writer do to never having expanded her mind by dropping acid. Yes, he kept telling her to drop acid. She was able to take the final with a different teacher. It was a huge thing with meetings with advisors and what a mess.

I don’t know if you know this, but you’ve seen my kid sister write. She goes by “kidsister” and her Icon is the lifeguard red cross. She IS a lifeguard. She has a thing about lighthouses. She found the old forum before me and got me interested in it.

It just really makes me upset lately because there was even a therapist a little bit ago who looked her in the eye and told her she couldn’t possibly understand what I go through in a day, that she had no idea what Sz was. He treated her like she was the biggest moron in the universe.

I have lived with my sis pretty much solid since the day she was born. This therapist only saw me for a combo of four hours. I too hate small minded ignorant people caught up in their own agenda.

But I don’t consider them normal either.

I know that kidsis is your sister. I always smile when you guys talk about each other. I never had a sister (or a brother for that manner) watching out for me, so I just sit back and smile at the love that you two have for each other. Family love is what is most important.
Do you know if that therapist had sz but was in remission? That’s the only way I can imagine a therapist talking that big. I know some doctors supposedly have huge egos, but from my understanding it takes a lot less work and knowledge to be a therapist than a doctor. Unless that therapist is sz I think he’s wearing shoes he can’t fill.
That English teacher sounds like she just wanted to feel good about herself. I kinda got that vibe from my high school art teacher. One student said “that’s cute, he was a jock and you were the artistic type” or something like that and she was like “No, I am an artist.” I can’t say whether my art teacher was a good artist or not, but she was definitely sensitive about the issue.
Maybe the English teacher was a good writer and one point, dropped too much acid, and started having delusions of greatness as her talent faded. Have you ever read any of kidsis’s writing? She might be very good and the teacher was jealous.

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