Neurotypical (say what?)

Has anyone else heard this term? If I understood it right it meant not mentally ill. Why can’t we say this? I’m sza (bipolar) so I’ve got more than one going on here. I’m ill. This isn’t like autism (from what I’ve read about it they usually see themselves as just different and generally accept themselves as they are) where the wiring is different but there isn’t illness. This is illness. Why can’t we just say that?


I started using the word neurotypical… I do realize it’s used in the Autism spectrum dialogue…

But I was having a hard time finding a good word… and “normie” hate really upsets me.

Because there are some “normies” / neurotypical’s who have saved my life… paid for my meds… stood up for me when I needed it.

So for a while I was always using the word neurotypical…

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Ten years of PG slogging in one U or another, and I never heard anyone use that word… until about a week ago. I think it was Robert Sapolsky at Stanford (I’m reading his Zebra book now… along with eight others). Shame on you, Bobby. :imp:

" PG and U" man you use too abbreviations lol. My AOC would be a little different though.

We can, and we should.
It’s them “politically correct” ding dongs that say it’s not right to call something what it actually is because we might hurt their feelings with the truth.

The term “Regular” folks was common, and meant anyone who didn’t have an obvious condition that required anything “special” or extra-ordinary.
“Ordinary” was another “normal” synonym meaning nothing obviously different about them that makes them stand out…just an “average” person.

I was using the term Neurotypical for a while there - trying to describe those that don’t suffer with a severe Mental illness.

I stopped using the term, it started to bother me.

But I do realize “normal” does not really exist, so I now surround the word with quotes, when describing those not suffering with a severe mental illness.

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People with autism are wired differently. That’s why they call regular folks neurotypicals. I’ve recently started seeing mentally ill people using the term. I think it’s a good term.

The thing is “neurotypical” is such a loose term . You don’t have to be autistic or labelled mentally ill to be slightly or more different than a so called ‘norm’ in one or more areas.

I agree the word ‘normie’ is sort of derogatory but wouldn’t normal work? I realize it’s a broad topic but I think a lot of the ambiguity could be removed when it’s taken in context. But yeah. Normie’s a bad word.

Very common in the autistic community. Basically used to describe someone who can’t think properly.


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