POLL. Should the (British) monarchy be abolished?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends on what the majority think

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I’m on the conservative end of the spectrum, I voted no.

My pragmatic side says they don’t do anything and can go, but my conservative side tells me not to go changing things without a good reason.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are patrons to my town, as i live in sussex - and frankly im sick to death of hearing about them. Moans about privacy - than goes to sign up deals on netflix and broadcast their dirty washing on Oprah.

From what ive heard, they have garnered alot of sympathy from US audiences, well you can keep em, cos we dont want them.


Harry and Meghan are spoilt brats. I wouldn’t listen to their opinions as they’re just butt hurt


I should clarify that the poll is not really about the Sussexes. Obviously the arguments in favour and against run much deeper than that.

But surely what matters is if the allegations of racism are true. And the tabloids have been disgusting, as usual.

Only idiots read the tabloids. They really shouldn’t care about them as they’re worth less than used toilet paper…

“Only idiots read the tabloids”, so we shouldn’t care about them? Isn’t that like saying that we shouldn’t care about antisemitism as long as only bigots promote it?

Giving these people attention is what makes them powerful.

Making an example out of a dying media medium just trying to score cheap points to gratify readers isn’t really some sort of heroic act.

I think they could do with a bit of progression, they had a good opportunity with Meghan. But they effed it up

It’s actually all very strange, regarding this pedestal the British monarchy (and all other “elites”) get put on for like, no reason.

Just remember: they take shiits like everyone else.


“they take shiits like every one else”. That’s fake news, surely. :sweat_smile:

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