Did meghan cheat on america?

i actually like meghan, much more than harry, but harry is growing on me too. the thought of the royals used to trigger me and make my blood boil. to think someone could be born with nobility while others are not infuriated me, i didnt understand it. and i wonder if it just wasnt that the family rose to power from one great leader then the line of succession results in spoiled mediocrity. but those were my old thoughts, and now i am pacified and just see the royals as people. i actually pity them for not having the freedom to walk down the street without security.

so why did meghan fall for harry? i mean she is gorgeous and could have almost any man she desires! i guess love is a peculiar bird. but why can’t a women fall for a freedom loving hippie bum like me, free of class and order and high society?

my prediction is when queen elizabeth and prince phillip are gone, charles will probably give little archie a title and i wouldn’t be surprised if meghan and harry return to the uk.

i guess it’s unfair to say meghan cheated on america, just a bit of clickbait, meghan is obviously free to make her own decisions. and in fact i often think of migrating back to scotland to live out my days so i try to just accept a life i don’t understand, due to my raising. but i enjoy looking pictures of castles and what not, o the haves and the have nots haha.


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I think it’s great that they are not royals anymore.

I don’t like the whole royal family thing.

I don’t see the need for it.

Don’t we pay for their royalty lives?

I mean us UK peeps.

Well to be fair, I don’t actually understand it all.

But Megan seems lovely and so does Harry.


I respect what Meghan and Harry did by separating themselves from the Royal pack.

Honestly I think that Harry is a bit bitter by how his Mother was treated by his father.

But honestly I don’t really follow them at all.


All I know is meghan must be a demon in bed to make a prince turn on his royalty and own family lol.


I think Harry is genuinely a nice person. I mean he comes across that way. I’ve heard that prince William cheats on his wife so if that’s true I don’t like him but I only heard it. Doesn’t make it true. Meagan I really can’t tell what her deal is. I don’t think she’s a bad person. I just can’t tell if she’s a good person

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I’m not a fan of Meghan or Harry

Sorry guys. I believe this falls into politics.

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