Poll: do you think the royals should be in the news?

the royals used to trigger me. I hated them, now I just try to ignore them as best as I can. for some reason bing brings them up in my news feed.

  • yes they are still relevant
  • no I could do without them
  • indifferent

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What do you mean by the royals?

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mostly im referring to the u.k. (William harry kate, Elizabeth etc) they get the most attention on my news feed, but I suppose they also sometimes bring up the dutch royals.

they are all over my news feed.

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Oh in that case I’m indifferent.


I’m from the US and I enjoy seeing them in the news from time to time. I don’t know a ton of stuff about them. I might feel different if they were always in my news feed as they are in yours.

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mostly indifference here.

I think the results would be very different where I live.

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Man if Diana was still with us I’d be watching up on those royals like nobody’s business

I could take it or leave it as is

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