Poll: Mental illness in the workplace

I’ve been through some strange and unusual cruelty because of my mental illness. It’s been a very embarrassing and very confusing and painful journey. If someone is sick at work what is the right thing to do?

  • Send him or her home early and relieve them of their duties
  • Call their emergency contacts
  • Or leave them there and ask them back

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I didn’t vote but will comment on this.

I got a job through family after 6 months from diagnosis. It was the best decision to take the job and try it out.

I have had two relapses since. First I was really ill for about 6 months before I got hospitalised. I worked up until this happened. My therapist then stopped me going back and I did a gradual return over the space of a month. I was out of action for two in total.

A few weeks ago my psychosis got so bad I was being abusive to people on email and my ways of dealing with people got pretty bad. I ended up in hospital again, but this time I was voluntary and was able to discharge myself completely once I have calmed down enough. I went straight back to work the next day.

I do this because when I am not working it’s hell. But when I work I am so distracted the symptoms left that meds don’t help go more into the background as I have focus other than myself.

As for what my managers did each time, they are my family and not even they know what to do and they know what my diagnosis is. As for someone without that connection, it would be even harder to know what the protocol should be.

You need to make the judgement that suits how you feel, and you will get a doctors note no problem if diagnosed and need to tap out of work to recover somewhat and return.

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