Poll - Mental and Physical Health Team - What does it Include?


Someone’s question about “mental health team” got me thinking. What types of doctors / psychiatrists and therapists and social workers do you have see regularly on on an “as-needed” basis to help keep you healthy? If I’ve missed some type of healhcare worker - please post a message below.

Click on all that Apply, and be sure to then click on the “VOTE NOW” button at the bottom of the poll :

  • General Physician (GP) for Physical Health
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist / Therapist
  • Social Worker
  • Other Healthcare Worker (e.g. Nurse)

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@SzAdmin On multiple choice polls many people forget to hit “Vote now”. Just FYI.

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Psychiatrist and nurse
Edit: Forgot GP… So GP also

Psychiatrist, one and soon possibly two therapists, one spiritual coach… might be dropping one or two and adding a psychologist or therapist that is more experienced with psychosis.

Oh… and BOOKS.

my p/doc is my main guy to see if i have any problems but i have also got an informal support worker who helps me with doing things and i am hoping she is going to help me with the transition into work (its complicated)

i was discharged by my CPN care about 2 and a half years ago so i had less support but i can always phone when i need help,

thing is that sometimes they play things down with me which makes me angry, a couple of guys at the clinic are really mean and i hate them,

my main care giver really is my friend Alison whom has helped me immensely throughout my illness for about 10 years now

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Just realized - I should have included “Specialist doctors” too - like a cardiologist - if you have heart problems, or you might see a dietician or endocrinologist if you have diabetes. Just note here below in a message if that is the case.

I see a psychiatrist, therapist, GP, cardiologist, neurologist, rheumatologist, and physical therapist.

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I see a psychiatrist, therapist, GP and a pediatrist trying to get this annoying planters wart removed the last 5 months

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GP, psychiatrist, psychologist, urologist, podiatrist, surgeon, eye doctor.

mrs. sith has a ’ carer assist ’ person…they support carers in australia. :sunny:
take care :alien:

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Tell us more… how often does the “carer assist” person come by or does Mrs. Sisth visit with the person?

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mrs. sith has been assigned a lady from the local area…whom she can call when need be…they organise workshops…respite centres…etc…general support…
mrs. sith has met up with her a few times…for coffee :coffee:
it helps her to know someone understands :smiley: :heart:
take care :alien:


i should add mrs. sith gets paid to look after me…
she did it for ’ free ’ for 23 years…
the last two years she has been recognised as a carer.
so that is why we get alot more help now :heart:
take care :alien:


Alcoholics Anonymous (better than seeing a psychologist).


You forgot legal aid/attorneys. They are instrumental in keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy in this situation, believe me.

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my mums has been my carer the last 5 years i think but she never cared for me much and things have changed and i didnt want to muck things up for her, my friend alison is like my main carer and i am hers although we dont pay each other i pay for thing for her a lot and do things for her when i can and in return she lets me use her car and i recently used her house as respite bc my place was bringing me down.

we also have carers link charity here that helps with carers mental health and other things but i havent used them.

also i still havent had my yearly check up at the GP surgery and i got a call from them a while ago just making sure i was still alive :confused: lol

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A lot Of Us Have Been OR Is STILL There Now @asgoodasitgets ,

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things have only recently changed in australia… :smiley:
carers are recognised… :heart:
( they save the goverment alot of money… )
i hope you are having a good day… :sunny:
take care :alien:


You’re ahead of … oh, about 99% of the world on that issue.

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