Poll: Mac or PC?

I have a Lenovo PC but I still like Macs better. Can’t afford one though.

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  • PC

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I have a PC. I’m not sure how you people can afford macs! :stuck_out_tongue:

My ex.
That’s why I’m on a mac right now.

A PC with Linux for me.


I have a Sony Vaio laptop, and I love it. I used to really want a Mac but I would never switch now.

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I prefer mac. I purchased my mac in 2011, and never had a problem with viruses or malware.

I’ve had a MacBook. I sold it for to buy a Lenovo yoga pro 3. I like Apple for their iPhones not computers.

Mac mini is affordable on a student budget

I don’t like anything from Apple, not since the Apple II. I have a home built PC.

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I prefer a Mac but I don’t want to pay all the money for one

Apple products are very expensive. I am using iPad mini now, but I won’t consider MacBook because I can’t afford it.

Used to have one, sold it to my sister. I used to buy Mac Minis and upgrade the RAM and sell them online and make extra money.

I never liked the idea of a Mac Mini, unless you have an Apple screen I feel it’s not really a full Mac.

i have a macbook pro as if my life wasn’t complicated enough lol i didn’t buy it though my friend bought it for me about 2 yrs ago for which i am eternally grateful but the blooming thing keeps crashing,

i wish i could use it more but idk how like garage band is so complicated and i don’t play games so i guess i am not using its full potential as a laptop

It runs a secure os and I have little trouble so I don’t care if it’s not reputable

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