My plan to get a Macbook Pro


  • job money
  • money from selling my 2012 iMac and 2011 Lenovo laptop…

…I am planning to get a powerhouse Macbook Pro. First, I need a job, though.

Here are the specs I’m thinking of

13-inch Retina (I will also buy a 27 inch monitor for my desk)
Space Grey color

I am so pumped. I can’t wait. It will be perfect for coding and writing on the go, and when i need a bigger screen, i have one. This way I can have just one computer and don’t have to worry about syncing files.

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as an early nerd… macs were very much lacking in most areas to the pc… has this changed? I like the idea of having a larger screen… i just toss my laptops video to my smart tv but im not doing anything half as important as what you are so i imagine having another monitor would be fantastic for what your doing…

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the reason I’m going for a Mac is that I plan to learn Swift and build iOS apps eventually.

also i’ll dual boot w10 like i do on this iMac

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don’t tell apple you put a windows os on their precious mac… the ghost of…crap…steven jobs will eat off your pinky toe…partial as punishment but mostly because that’s what hes into now…

Apple made Boot Camp Assistant so I don’t think they’ll cut off my warrantee or anything, if that’s what you’re getting at.

no just making a joke… how well does apples system hold up windows 10?

apple does have kind of an exclusivist brand. they also have had factory worker issues.

oh ok, usually i can tell when youre joking but i couldn’t tell this time. Windows 10 runs very well on this iMac because of the video card it has. i use w10 more than macos these days on it. ever had a mac?

I mean I would have issue too…if steve jobs kept stealing my children to harvest their blood to stay young forever… especially when it was obviously not working… lol…

there was such a huge gap in ability back in the early days… it left a bad taste in my mouth about apple… then they started the iPhone hustle and the bad taste turned to ash… so its against my religion to buy apple… it sounds like there is not much difference between the machines anymore though… so maybe ill give their comps a chance…lots seem to like them pretty good now…

so despite the bad apple jokes… they may deserve a second chance…

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i get where you’re coming from. There’s a lot of reason to not buy Apple, but i admire their design and i love iOS’s smoothness and integration.

I visited Pixar Studios once and walked by Steve Jobs’ office. I think he touched the wall I touched, so maybe some of his genius was transmitted to me… otherwise how would one explain how quickly i can add 2 and 2 together into 4.

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your computing skills are on point… I will refrain from ever talking bad about steve jobs adding skills lol…

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