Poll: How often you come to this forum?

Please choose:

  • Rarely (once in a month)
  • Seldom (once in a week)
  • Occasionally (weekend or weekdays only)
  • Frequently (<1 hour/day, everyday)
  • Always (>1 hour/day, everyday)

Frequently / Always .

Frequently/occasionally and anywhere between depending on what’s going in my off-line life.

Always. Every day for about 3 hours. Or until I’ve read every post



Frequently, I guess…

Few times a day for few minutes each,

Frequently 20 characters

frequently…sometimes I dont have anything to say and just read. Or sometimes I have something to say and write out a very long reply to a topic.

Put a line between “Please choose:” and the list. I tried editing it for you but for some reason it isn’t working for me.

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Always for me,I wish I can reduce it to frequently but it’s just too addictive

Most of the time occasionally but sometimes frequently.

Always Multiple times a day Everyday

occasionally…about 5 times a week

Frequently ( at least once a day ) Unless i am having a psychotic day.

Frequently. Though I usually do mostly reading and little replying. I usually turn on the forum when I turn my computer on then refer to it throughout the day. Sometimes I just read the titles. Sometimes I actually read the posts. And occassionally, I respond.

always, i come on everyday and try to read as much as i can and maybe post something, if i am having a hard time i can’t reply to others posts very much and just try and get some support but i haven’t needed a lot of support lately i don’t think, not with symptoms anyway.

when i look at the forums i look for something that i think i can relate to so i am not reading everything but i do read and post as much as i can, i just can’t normally read big long things lol i think the longest post i read and replied to was mortimer mouse recently but it was very hard and i used up a lot of brain power doing that (and i aint got much) lol

How often do I come to this forum? Frequently. Too much, really. I think that I am addicted, and I am looking for something in my life to replace this with. I know I don’t post much, but that is because I force myself to not post much.

Frequently - As much as I want/More than I want -

Frequently - twice a day for at least half an hour or more each, depending on how many topics of interest there are to read, and if I respond or post.

Always …