How often do you come on the site?

How often do you come on the site?
  • Daily
  • Every 2-3 Days
  • Once a week
  • Occasionally

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This should have been single choice, but I couldn’t go back and change it

Eh makes it where I can go from everyday- every 2or3 days

Every day, this is a safe place I can talk to others like me. It’s become part of my routine, and I think I’m healthier for it.


i come on the forum every day after din dins and before i go watch tv. I listen music while i browse the forum

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This place is definitely addicting. But in a good way. I come here everyday several times a day it seems.

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Everyday. I come when I wake up in the morning and I’m drinking coffee. Also in the evening when I get into bed. Sometimes I might pop on through the day too.

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Thanks to everyone for voting. I guess I’m not alone, I come on here every day. I just was wondering if I was overdoing it


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