Are you on here all day?

just wondering if you are on this site all day

i come on in my spare time but not all day, i have less to do at night so i come on at night but usually i have nothing to say

what about you?

I visit this site a couple of times in a day… just to see what is going on :smiley:

I’m on here on and off depends what I have to do and how I feel…I often just post random ■■■■ to stir up some convo…but sometimes I have some helpful posts…


I am usually on all day. Just depends on which days out of the week I log in.

i dont think i could be on all day, i think i would get very bored

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I have noticed it gets pretty busy with threads more so in the evening and on weekends.

Edit: At least on my time zone of the evenings and weekends. Sorry forgot to add that.

i dont really know what the busiest times are :confused: on my time zone anyway (uk) GMT

I keep checking the site all day.:relaxed:

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do you know the busiest times?

I don’t really pay attention, I just read and post.

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I’m on here pretty much all day.

I wake up and post in the good morning thread then read the other threads while I get ready for work. I read the forum on the tram to work and I keep it up on my phone to sneak peeks at during work!

Then I read it again on the tram home.

But when I get home from work I don’t read it anymore, I’m too busy getting ready for bed and catching up with Mr Turtle.

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I’m on here several times a day (nothing to do) but that will change when I start school FT in a week and a half.

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good luck @47average :slight_smile:

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I used to be. With my classes and homework now, though, I’m here a lot less these days.

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I check in throughout the day, even though I don’t post that often. I guess I feel awkward posting; never know what to say. I wonder if anyone else is the same?

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Also check in quite oftenly. I’m here most of the night…when i can’t sleep. Less in a daytime.

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