POLL: how often have you suffered from a guilty conscience when psychotic?

  • never suffered from a guilty conscience when psychotic
  • seldom
  • moderate amount
  • often
  • very frequently

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my therapist said it’s very common for folks to suffer from a guilty conscience when psychotic, particularly delusional. i pretended i didn’t suffer from it, but really it has been common for me. i should have just told her i didn’t want to spill every detail of my guilty conscience.

Yes for sure. I was admitting to things I never did or did when a kid. It was a frightening process at the time.


Haters gonna hate.

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my guilty conscience made me feel like i was in hell when psychotic

What do you mean by guilty conscience?
Doing bad stuff and have no guilt?

Yeah I’ve suffered from a guilty conscious but not for delusional reasons. It’s because the voices like to remind me of everything I did.

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I feel quite guilty about stuff right now which makes me think I might be becoming unwell.

I have this all of the time almost
And im not currently delusional

One of my main delusions is that I am a demon that sucks the life out of the people near me. I feel incredibly guilty when I am dealing with that one.


Yup. When they start picking on me I feel like the guiltiest, self loathing, critical person alive. Guilty for every breath, every cent it takes to keep me alive.

I have a guilty conscience whether I’m psychotic or not. It just so happens I’m psychotic every day because of my delusional system.

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