Poll: How do you live life?

In regards to time management.

  • Plan for the future
  • Focus on today
  • Look into the past
  • All three above
  • None of the above

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I dream about the future but I live one day at a time.


That’s good enough. :sunny:

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I think I need to be relaxed, and don’t always take things seriously. Look! I have changed my avatar to a comic tortoise. And I have updated my biography in my profile. I was perfectionist and it had really squeezed my brain to the fullest. I want to slow down and get along with people easily. I opt for “Focus on today”.

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i do both at the top, plan for the future and focus on today, i also like to reminisce about times i spent with my dad.


I can never look into the future I find it so hard all I see is stuff going wrong or nothing I’m trying to work on at least looking at today and stop looking back xx I’ll get there eventually

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Looking into the past is dangerous for me… lots of sorrow… guilt… self-blame.

I don’t like who I was in the past.

So I work on being a better person today.

I have some future plans… but I have to keep that in perspective too… otherwise it get’s too big and paralyzing.


How do I live life?..

I’m old enough to know better, but young enough to do it anyways!

Everything in moderation…including moderation.

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I always look to the past. I look at myself before I got sick and everything that happened around the time I got sick. I think about the people in my family who mistreated me when I wasn’t doing well. I also like to think about the person I would have been if things would have been different. Im ashamed at the fact that I am on disability. I know it couldn’t have been avoided but I still feel bad over it.

Its definitely working - we really appreciate your participation here. You’re definitely a positive influence here - thanks!


like a boss :innocent: :facepunch: :wink:

I rarely think about the past. I think about the future as often as I should. Mostly I’m thinking about things that have nothing to do with time (neither past, present or future), but I guess you could call that focussing on today.

Shades of Van Halen.

“I live my life,
like there’s no tomorrow,
All I’ve got,
I’ve had to steal”

I run with the devil.