Poll: Have you seen shadow people?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’m not sure

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I have seen them on some occasions. Please don’t encourage people’s delusions in this thread.

its as if we have sight in to the after efact of are selves, were are shadows hide.

This is my harder to get rid of delusion…and hallucinations I have more of a problem dismissing because of the delusion…

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No, never.

yeh shadow people are in the corner of my eye or just walking past or walking against the wall in the living room xx

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A lot when I was I kid. I don’t get Visuals and haven’t since I was a teen. I’m a Tactile Hallucinator nowadays. 3 times I saw them with other people who saw them too. I have no idea what that means but it makes me cringe.

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This morning I kept seeing a black and white spotted dog out of the corner of my eye. It happens when passing cars reflect sunlight into my glasses.

I used to see shadow blobs in my room when I was symptomatic.

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How does shadow people look like? Like moving shadows?
Man im definitely not going to watch Lights Out. :slight_frown:



Mine were black vaguely humaniod shaped and couldn’t move through objects but could sort of flow around physical obstacles and change size from huge to miniscule. One was a Shadowcat that was the size of a van(this one was shared) and my last one when I was 18 had on a brown trench coat and red beanie which I thought was weird.

Seeing things out of the corner of your eye is completely normal folks. Most of your Peripheral Vision is a complete fabrication created by your brain.


I see one. Well rather, I saw one. I used to see him in my twenties and he appeared different then, with an overcoat and a big hat.

When I saw him last year he was much taller and had more slim fitting clothes. Last year he actually possessed me, so to speak.

But he disappeared when I started taking medication. I miss him but he still sometimes plays songs on the radio for me.

I am not sure if I see shadow people. I do sometimes see people wearing all black and big black sunglasses driving suspicious looking vehicles.

Is that the same thing?

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I don’t know… :thinking: Hmm…

I don’t see them too often anymore. (Thank some Higher Power!) Now and then one will pop and drive bye me while I am walking down the street.

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they come and go but they were clear as day when i wasnt on meds at 21

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They are one of the more ommon types of Hallucinations not just in psychotics but in normies too. I know that what I described above are more “standard” forms. There were & probably still are entire websites devoted to them if you are curious.

This thread is fine but I don’t want to go to a site devoted to them or I would provide a good link.

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That’s cool. Sorry, I didn’t mean to deter the thread from the original subject.

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No worries I didn’t even think we had gotten off topic lol

Lol Cool.


I’ve seen them. Jerek is a shadow. I have also seen someone in a trench coat and hat. But as a shadow. It was dark.

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I see many. Some at the corner of my eye some looking directly at shadow people. Most are humanoid. Others alien like. :alien: weird.