Poll: Geographical cure

Are you happy where you are, or do you think you’d be happier if you moved somewhere else?

  • Happy where I am
  • Feel I’d be happier moving
  • I’d be miserable wherever I was
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At the moment , I feel I’d be happier if I moved back to a country I used to live in.


In April I will be happy because spring and I wouldn’t wanna leave the province or Ontario HOWEVER I despise winter and wanna go to Florida


Only place in canada id be happy is in victoria bc, but i only have thousands not millions


I love my town of Lawrence Kansas I grew up here and it is home


I got moved all over Cornwall and the U.K living in loads of different places. Now I’ve got a house in my real home area. Near to where I went school, grew up and where I’m from.


I think I’d be happy if I moved to Mexico. I kind of do want to move there someday.


I also have a love for Mexico .

I have been kinda bullied by majority of neighbourhood here year after year .

They give off hostile vibes and think they are perfect and superior.they are stuck up and horrible vibin or fake.
They walk all over me and disrespect me.
The way they have treated me is not ok but “family” treat me that way too.

This morning I was surprised as I walked my dog because no one was being hostile go in and a guy even said hello to me.
Maybe it’s the minority in the neighbourhood who were out n about.

I believe that I would be treated better in another neighbourhood.
A poorer neighbourhood that I’m thinking of but people seem nicer.

I went to shopping centre at this place about a hour from where I’m at now and people were more peaceful vibing and not in a fake pretentious way but sincerely .

I can’t afford to move or rent but am hoping to apply for government housing there.

I don’t know if my problem is class but I don’t think it’s class because waiters don’t want to serve me either.

Problem is government housing in poor neighbourhood might have mould asbestos, cockroaches, mice and i could get robbed and raped etc

I need to get away from these disrespectful people and replace them with a better people.

I wouldn’t dare move country or go overseas on holiday even but move a hour away if I get government housing.

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When I think of Florida I think of crocodiles and pythons :smiley:


Your forgetting something wild boar is huntable year round the largemouth bass are huge and most importantly no snow but yeah supposedly there are alligators and pythons too so it’s not :100: perfect

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