Are you happy where you are?

I’m happy (I guess) tbh I wouldn’t wanna live anywhere else at this point in time. Sometimes I wanna move but the logical side of me says keep your ass where you are. Very important in my mind to stay put. But at the same time I don’t think I can live here forever. But maybe I should if I could. But sometimes wanna have a fun adventure. But definitely convinced myself to stay but maybe in 5 years it’ll be a different story. I have no clue. Probably not but. The daredevil side of me says go but at least figure out your meds before you go wandering like a rolling stone sheesh. I need to get klonopin but im still on Ativan. Even if I got a script im still not gonna run tho. But it crosses my mind. How would I get my meds?? Even if you say it’s easy im still staying. I sometimes wish I could go back to Olympia Washington but it’s much safer the house I live in now. I just care about safety. Thrill comes secondary now.


no move it. im not…

I’m not happy here either man I’m just trying to reason with my options. I just don’t know really what’s right with this.

I absolutely hate where I am living but have no other options at this particular point in time, and it sure beats living on the streets.


I’m happy in my room in my apartment but I’m unhappy with the people around me.

I don’t mind where im living now. Minus my aunt always poping off and yelling bad crap all the time. I plan to get a little place to myself if I get approved for affordable housing. But I’ll still visit my gma and dad here like every day. It’s good because I can’t be alone right now. I don’t take great care of myself. If my aunt would just move out I’d stay longer.

I would like to live in and photograph a different part of Canada. I’m ready for a change in scenery.

Happy where I’m at. Would ruin everything if I move.

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I am happy but want more.

If I was smart, I would move away from my sadistic, mean, sensitive, annoying neighbors. But I’m not smart.

At least sensitive is a good trait? Right? And wym not smart. Aren’t you a member of the Mensa society or am I getting confused w someone else :face_with_monocle:

Sensitive isn’t good when they listen into my apartment. There’s no privacy.

That’s not sensitive that’s nosy man. You mean they’re vigilant?? I wouldn’t call it sensitive. Maybe sensitive to your noise. I see though.

Yeah, I get mad occasionally and they get in my head.

I will likely move to Brussels if I get the job I applied for there and pass the probation period.

Well, since this is where I am, I choose to be content with it, knowing that things change one step at a time.

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