POLL: From what class of society do you classify yourself?

From what social class do you classify yourself and your family?

  • High class
  • Middle class
  • Low class

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I see the us as having five classes: High Class, Upper Middle Class, Middle Class, Lower Middle Class, and Lower Class.


The classes are Upper, Middle, Working, and Lower.

Low class is not the correct term and means trashy.


I grew up in the middle of the middle class. Now I have less money, but I have never thought of myself as poor. Rich or poor, life isn’t bad.

Not too many rich people here lol

Upper Middle class

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Probably lower middle class… I think?

well early on…middle class…then my dad went through med school and we were very poor…I had jobs all through my teen and early teen years always. but I voted middle class in my formative years…

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Well, even with receiving SSDI and working part time I’m below the poverty line; so lower class. I grew up lower middle class.

I’m on a government pension and haven’t worked for over 15 years. I am lower class but my personal class is high! :slight_smile:


I am on SSDI and work part time, and I’m on section 8 — I live in a one bedroom apartment and I’m way under the poverty line
It doesn’t matter to me so much, I don’t mind living in an apartment
I have a roof over head a hot shower and a place to sleep.


This question always throws me. My father was a diplomat.I was privately educated from the age of 8-18.By the time I was 21,and still living at home,my father had become senior enough to get an entry in Who’s Who.

However I have never had a paid job.Live in social housing Don’t mix very much with other people, but have lived in areas that are predominantly working class.
Politically I hold views that fit with the left of centre middle class.

As an independent adult I have had little F2F interaction with middle class people. I have had a fair amount of interaction online with middle class people.

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In the UK Ive never heard someone even say lower class.
I’d argue there are only 3 classes.
Upper, middle, working.

I think its important to remember that (at least in the UK) it isn’t strictly tied to wealth/income. Although of course that is a factor.
Middle class is the most confusing because it seems the most wide space.

Born into low.
Mom got us to middle class by high school.
I got to upper middle working.
Now I’m low on disability.

My family started if as low, but reached middle.

I voted Middle Class because my parents definitely are

Not sure if I class as that though

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I make a little under $30,000 dollars a year. Not sure where that puts me but I’m not eating out of trash cans and I have a roof over my head so I’m doing good enough.

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I would say I came from a lower middle class as my father was a high school teacher. I worked as a university lecturer before the diagnosis and my husband is a professor so my unclear family is middle class.

I’m not really middle class anymore as I am now on government disability and make $24k a year. On a personal level I wouldn’t consider myself as low class though. I don’t work so I’m not working class either. I picked low class though because of my income.

I would consider myself very middle, middle class as my father was a high ranking, commissioned warrant officer in the U S Army and I was a med/surg RN in the U S Air Force and a 1rst. Lieutenant.

I have money, but currently don’t work.

I put middle class because I own property, investments, retirement,…

But I’m also on disability so maybe I should have put lower class. Don’t know.

Anyway, I don’t have any money problems. My parents are upper middle class.