Poll: For those of us with auditory hallucination. Do you work?

  • I work, still hear some voices

  • I work, meds keep me voice free

  • I get so annoyed by voices, I don’t work

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My job is cashiering at a gas station, I still have symptoms and it can be exhausting. With the voices and thought broadcasting ■■■■■■■■. :crying_cat_face:

I have worked… the voices arent that bad… annoying for sure… its the “messages” these silent thought forms like subtitles without words I see/experience when I look at or hear and sometimes just think of people(although that last one typically triggers more traditional voices)

Yea, I know about the thinking of people one. I would think about my probation officer, out of paranoia. And that ladies voice haunted me!

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I hate it man… I don’t fixate on anything now… I constantly forget everything for briefs moments… I mean its all there… it comes back… but then nod out of it when I’m walking to the bath room stuff… I’m so gd tired… I’m gonna sleep well tonight

I don’t work, but it’s not due to voices.

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My issue is white noise voices and that my brain creates a voice for people. The telepathy, like I just had a customer and she said “I’m not ■■■■■■■ with you.” That’s what I herd… And it was totally in a voice tone she would have. EXHAUSTING ok I’ll shut up about it now.

Voices are the Worst!!! Whats your issue?

Please, vent away.

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My voices usually talk to each other or they just calmly say my name. Only once have they gotten mean to me. My problem is negative symptoms and paranoia and delusions.

Thank you minnii :heart:

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Brain is just too exhausted from all the visual hallucinations that I can’t work. It’s a full-time job being part of more than one world.

I have a sub type of schizophrenic its called paraniod schizophrenic but no i dont work i have a hard time getting hired i use to work at a facility for 6 yrs but had to quite due to my new boss that took over was unbelievable mean too me. One time it was my day off i was threatened to get written up she call me names i couldn’t sleep at night etc. It was horrible. But now my meds help control my symptoms.

I don’t hear voices but I can’t work because of negative symptoms. I mainly suffer from negative symptoms, low self-esteem, anxiety, cognitive problems, and delusions. I’m also lazy.

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Do you ever feel like if you tell professionals this they’re thinking no one is really lazy, this can be worked with? I’m afraid to say I suffer so much from negative symptoms, but I do.

I agree. I’m not afraid about saying I have negative symptoms. I tell her all the time. It’s my biggest complaint. I believe they’re caused by medications. But I need to take them or I get positive symptoms and anxiety. There’s not much they can do to help besides therapy, that’s why I take supplements, smoke, and drink coffee.

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