How many hear voices

Interested to know who hears voices n who works or has the voices made it so you can’t work? Who can function a on the Dailey hearing voices?


I hear voices it makes it nearly impossible to do any stressful tasks with someone commenting on your thoughts. I can function like eating but depending on the voice I may have trouble with hygiene. I work on a farm but I only do very little because the voices are so bad.


I don’t typically feel voices, but don’t work due to lack of motivation and energy. I wish yal the best.


I hear 'em daily but do short term things like wash car, make smoothy, go to church, give message, shop, hobby, dishes. It’s all right, I am retired. But they nag me constantly whenever I work. 8 hours too much.

It’s quiet most of the times in the day with just a snippet here or there. Night time voices while trying to go to sleep is a thing for me but has been less of a thing the last two days since having my Zyprexa increased.

I don’t. I heard like over 80% of schizophrenics hear them. I’m lucky I guess. If I heard voices 24/7 I wouldn’t be here. Screw that.

I don’t hear them either. Schizophrenia tortures me mentally in a very real sense already. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I heard voices.

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My vision was the worst. Then lack or confusion or inability to tell or feel if anything was real. Then horrible intrusive thoughts that were repetitive and scary. I would get visions in my head.

I had real bad negative symptoms. They are like 50% better though.

Took 7 years.


Right now I don’t hear voices. But last summer I started hearing a voice, and my pdoc upped my Risperidone dose. The voice went away.

I’ve been on Zyprexa for almost a month and have had no voices since starting it.

I hear voices and they make it hard to accomplish tasks and they mess with my motivation. They say things that negative, distracting, and sometimes they give me warnings which might turn out true or false. They’re relentless in telling me that they are the only ones I can trust.

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I only hear abnormal audible voices when I’m not on meds. I sense a voice sometimes though. But, not as much anymore as I used to. I’m definitely getting better.

Lol yea. I think of suicide Dailey

Yeah suicidal most of the time. Duane is one of my voices

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