Poll : driving licence?

  • Have sz, have driving licence
  • Have sz, have NOT driving licence
  • Don’t have sz, have driving licence
  • Don’t have sz, NOT have driving licence

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i have a provisional driving license which means i can drive under supervision but i have not got my proper full driving license yet :slight_smile:

I quit driving three years ago. I see things in the road and was swerving to avoid hitting them, almost hitting the car in the lane aside me.

I have a few licences. Car, fork lift. Loaders, excavators etc. I love driving things

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Car and Boat license. (our state makes you take a class of safe boat handling)

I’ve been driving since I was 17. I didn’t drive from 1990-95 because I was living in a board & care home where the owners didn’t allow anybody to own a car or drive. I’ve been in about 7 or 8 accidents. Only one of them was completely my fault and no one was hurt. I’ve had two cars totaled under me.

Just renewed my drivers licence for anther 5 years. Have no car though, but still very useful for id at the very least.

Have Car and motorcycle license, have 3 cars and 2 motorcycles (ok, one is a Vespa 250)

Learned to drive at 10. Parent grew up in country & her relatives wanted free farm help from me during summer.