POLL: do you want to be buried or cremated or something else?

  • buried
  • cremated
  • something else (write in answer below)

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cremated, will look for a spot to spread my ashes when im 50, but maybe i will ask my sister to spread my ashes in my garden. don’t know.

I do not want a funeral



Haha! I love that movie!


i’m gonna donate my body to science, where they cremate you for free. it’s the cheapest option. then i want my ashes buried either in the cemetary with most of my ancesters, or around my parents.

i want some of my ashes shot to the moon. i want some of my ashes made into colored stones like jewlery.

i do not want a funeral either. it’s sad to say, i dont feel important enough.

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I get claustrophobic when I think about being buried in a coffin six feet down. I want to be cremated. They can do with my ashes what they want.

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I will donate my organs and body.
I don’t understand why the law doesn’t require it.

And don’t you feel bad being burned to ashes? :thinking:

No. That doesn’t bother me. I won’t feel it.

I would like to donate my working organs before they cremate me, though.


My opinion is that the state should always use their bodies for the well-being of the entire society.

Buried in an organic burial pod under a tree…


From the picture I thought you kept the body in your house lmao That would make ppl paranoid and sad.


In my culture its all burrial according to my church so I chose that and its also what my family wants. Anyways I am just 30 now, its too early to think about that.

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Can you share where are you from @Aziz?

I am Syrian Christian living in Canada.


Maybe I’ll donate my body to science.

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You will be dead. Is a wish more important than the health of other living people?

I would prefer being cremated but my religion says burial only (in a white shroud) so I will go with that. I am scared thinking I’m down in earth and have terrible fear I’d be buried alive. I hope when I die i die properly and won’t wake up in the grave and suffocate! It’s scary!