Im thinking i want this on my tombstone

well i may not have a tombstone, since i plan on being cremated and having my ashes spread somewhere beautiful. but i may purchase a plot next to mom and dad with a tombstone that reads.

“love conquers all”


How about: “Hey, quit standing on my stomach.”


My mom used to joke that she wanted “I told you I was sick” on her headstone. I thought that was funny, but we didn’t do it…

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I have a grave plaque next to my son’s plaque already. It just has my name and my birth date on it. And it says that I am my son’s mother.

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I want my skeleton donated to a school of necromancy so it can be used in dark rituals.

Seriously though, I don’t care what they do with me once I’m dead, because I’m dead. It really won’t matter to me. Don’t want to put my family through the expense of even a funeral, unless they feel it’s necessary for the grieving process. I’m fine just being cremated and scattered or even donated to science.

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I’m getting cremated. I just want a little plaque near my mother in a memorial garden here. Simply. "He Tried. ". That is something to aspire too.


I want the following on my tombstone:

Sausage. Peppers. Pepperoni. Extra cheese. Mushrooms.

…and baked to a nice golden brown.



IDK. When I’m dead and they bury me and my spirit leaves my body and travels to my last destination, don’t worry, I’ll remember you guys and just remember, I’ll be looking up at you all every day and wishing you the best.

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I don’t even want to think about this as of right now.

My siblings joke that mine should say

My diet starts tomorrow

Lol it is kinda funny but yea if that is what kills me also bittersweet

I had a doctor ask about donating my body to science because of all the screwy stuff wrong and treatment resistant stuff, asking me and my husband would have been ok, but my kids were in the ■■■■■■■ room!

My oldest told the guy sorry i was being thrown to the sharks in South Africa as my final wish.

It was my final wish, but we found out you can’t do that, so cremation it is!

No headstone after we got Papa’s VA headstone done up and he was cremated so we just kinda had it put in the backyard in SD…scared the ■■■■ out of people to see this headstone in the yard and knowing it was a real headstone. And bgg yes, when we moved, we left that thing there, lol.

“Confusion will be my epitaph”

I’m burying my mum in my home town where all the Muslims live. I will bury her facing Mecca. With “forever unhappy” on her gravestone.

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