Poll = do you like taking picture of you?

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t mind taking a picture for the forum once in awhile. It’s really the only time I take my picture anymore. Not so much that I really enjoy it but I don’t dislike it either so I’m split between yes and no. I think I’m indifferent.

I don’t have many pictures taken of me, as I don’t really go out much, and don’t have anybody to take the pictures.

The limited ones taken by a family friend are funny to look at, as my weight, beard, hair colour, glasses, hair length and composition as a person drastically changes all the time.

This family friend showed me the pictures of me over the last five years, and I look like a different person in all of them

Not until I’m okay with my life and online persona.

I don’t want people to associate my pic with SZ.

No, I’m really uncomfortable with taking pictures of myself.

your picture can be used against you. don’t ever let anyone take your picture besides for your driver’s license. Facial recognition can be trained to recognize you and tell the government where you are at all times. All it takes is one picture.

I personally don’t care if the government knows where I am. Frankly, I don’t think they are that interested in me.

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And besides, how are you thinking they are going to track you? They don’t have remote access to the majority of the cameras around. And cameras arent everywhere.You’re being paranoid.

İ think its more easy to track you with gps rather than photos.

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I don’t mind, only when friends online want to see

With this face, ■■■■ off!

I hate mirrors and my photos because I have gender dysphoria.

No since I have negative symptoms.

No… I’m not photogenic…

i believe that when they take pics of me that it kills my soul.
So i don’t let them take pictures of me.

My dad didn’t take pics for a similar reason.

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I wish I never ever posted any pictures of me related to this site.

I like anonymosity.

Now I just accept it’s done.

At least I posted some that actually look real in the end. I hope everybody saw those. :slight_smile:

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No because I always take bad pics. I don’t like how I look and pics just prove to me why

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See!!! I’m not shy :stuck_out_tongue:


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