Poll= do you get ugly after sz?

  • yes i get quite ugly after sickness
  • no i m still in same shape before my diagnosis

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personally i get quite ugly after 20 years of fight with this illness.i mean of course i was not very attractive before illness but now i m disaster.anyone relate ?


No one looks like they did twenty years ago.

That’d be awesome but it doesn’t work like that.

I don’t think the illness makes you ugly.

It may make you feel ugly, but I doubt that’s actually the case.

My meds have caused some weight issues that I have to keep in check,

But generally, I feel I look the same.

I mean, I look my age and stuff, but not worse.


my friends says that my eyes looking different after sickness.i guess they right

Yes I do feel uglier.

But I’m trying to look after myself nowadays so that I can look reasonable.

I feel more ugly with every passing year as I grow older

I was never pretty but I was kinda cute in a way, now I’m just disgusting.

Schizophrenia made me fat.
Fatter than ever

I don’t think this poll has the correct options

Yeah I’m def not the same shape from before the illness. Doesn’t make me “quite ugly”.

In my case I’ve gained probably 20-30 pounds.

Some people may find me more attractive than before I started meds

I was ill for a long time before starting meds tho.

Is it the meds, or the illness???


Bloated and worn out looking by decades on these meds and from aging.

I’ve gone through some major physical changes in my lifetime.

I actually feel like I got more attractive but it’s not related.

No more ugly but fat and I’m too lazy to shave as much as i should, so that does not help my appearance.

Yeah I’m too lazy now to shave or wash my hair and dont get it cut often enough also I’m fat now so yes it does make you pretty ugly

Everyone gets uglier with age and that’s okay.

I’m certain I look more exhausted, otherwise I look the same. However, I do feel more attractive now, which is everything.

Sz didn’t make me ugly. A very hard life coupled with aging is what made me ugly. I was attractive as a young woman.

Yeah I get personally ugly but I improve from psychosis to psychosis.

I was a 7-8/10 possibly 9 lol, but now I’m a 4/10.

I gained 35 kilos on Olanzapine

Have lost 24 kilos but my body is not what it was

Some of it will be age

Think with the meds we get put on, weight will probably be the no.1 issue

I gained 150lb since being on meds.

Since being on Risperdal, on Abilify I gained just 50lb vs before sz.