Does sz alter ones appearance?

Feel like going thru sz has altered my appearance or it might be due to old age. My eyes look smaller and less bright, my nose looks wider. My appearance looks more haggard because i ’ m always drowsy. People sometimes complain about weight gain. I don’t look like my old self. I feel like i am not pretty any more. But all i can rely on is to eat healthy and exercise.

only on a full moon

sorry, just kidding

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Yes I know where you are coming from. I feel like schizophrenia has altered my appearance. I feel the same way as you, I don’t feel pretty at all anymore.

I sometimes wonder whether people can smell something is wrong with me too. I take showers everyday, but I wonder whether I emit some kind of ‘not quite right’ scent or odour that tips people off that I’m not like them.

But that is probably a delusion.


about the smell odor issue i have wondered the same thing.

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I’ve noticed at times my eyes were wider when I was ill. Sapanku eyes I’ve heard it called.

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Apparently schizophrenia makes your sweat smell like vinegar.

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At the assisted living center where I live there was this guy who left for a while, and when he came back he looked so different. I would not have know it was the same person, except he had the same name. He didn’t look worse. He just looked different. He acted different too. I know it was the same person because he had the same name, and I asked people who had known him for a long time if it was the same guy, and they said he was.

People have said to me that because of the medication I look and act like i’m on drugs. I really wonder if that was part of the reason why I was let go from the census bureau. I wonder if it is enough of a factor to tell the next job that I’m at why I look and act the way I do. However because of the stigma with schizophrenia I don’t know if that is the wisest choice.

Eh, age does that to a person.


I just popped a big pimple on my face last night and I am 28…thx zyprexa

I once was a bodybuilder now I’m a fat mofo with stretch marks and bad skin thanks to schizophrenia and the meds

LMAO @Big-guns, haldol: satan’s wine. I got bad skin cuz of haldol too; acne scars. The whole experience of haldol was a nightmare, my weight went up to 220 at one point on zyprexa i got stretch marks too

I’m gonna go off my meds one day and get my life back together. I was able to get the doc to put me on the lowest dose which is much better I put on about 40kg in a short period of time.

i put on a lot of weight but i am detrement to fix it with healthy food intake and training

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My parents said when I was fully blown manic my eyes looked very dark blue and an almost evil appearance.

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I don’t know any of you, but y’all are some of the most beautiful, enchanting souls it has ever been my pleasure to meet. Thank you.

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I’ve seemed to notice that though a harrowing experience many of the women I’ve known with mental illness have looked much younger than their years. The weight gain though, holy crap, if I could go back to my mid 20’s, hell 27 would be okay. I walk when I can but have struggled with my weight for nearly the first half of my 30’s.

Appearance though? Why is that important, I feel like yeah, whatever it is, however I’ve always been, I’ve stuck out appearance wise whether intentionally or not. Something seems functional to me and it turns out it makes me stick out or it’s some kind of weirdness.