Poll: Do you get disability money from the government?

Do you get disability money from the government?

  • yes
  • no

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I don’t get anything monthly, but I get a tax credit to help pay for medical stuff, you only get the credit if it is for stuff most people would not have to pay for.

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I qualify, they actually wanted me on disability. I didn’t want to be having to depend on government assistance the rest of my life. Besides I like working and it gives me more money. I am currently on maternity leave, I plan on returning this summer. It’s not the best of jobs, yet I enjoy the company of my coworkers. I find that the social aspect is good for my mental health.

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I get pension disability plan and child tax credit monthly from the government and money from the disability from the place I worked for before life fell apart.

Besides a brief period of work in a bookstore I’ve been on a disability pension since 2004. It works well for me and I live a realized life I enjoy. I do volunteer a couple of days a week though. Having some responsibility and something that gets you out of the house really does help. I don’t mind work but these days I get stressed and paranoid and I would just rather be.

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I’m on SSI and Medicaid.

I’m on SSDI and Medicaid and Medicare.
It’s not much but I’m thankful for it :blush:

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I’m on SSDI, and I am so thankful for it. I only wish I’d gotten it about six months earlier because we could have saved our house with the extra income. Now we rent. But we can afford to live!

I applied for SSDI in 2008, in the months that followed a psychotic break. My then-wife kicked me out before a decision on it was reached, had to move in with my dad briefly, but it meant getting a job and canceling my application. I probably could’ve gotten it then, on the first try, considering the horrible mental condition I was in.

All my money comes from the government. Military retirement, VA disability and I work for the government. Used to get SSDI.

I am a triple dipper.

so you put twenty years in to get military retirement?

also, doesn’t the VA grade people’s disability based on a percent, like fifty or a hundred percent disabled? how disabled do they declare you?

i know a guy who is partially disabled and works full time without messing up his VA disability, which is interesting.

I put in 20 years. And I am a 100 %
Disabled vet. And I work. My rating is scheduler so I can work and make as much as I want and not lose it.

I lost my SSDI though.

(UK) - Esa for over twenty years, plus PIP for the last 2 years. About 986 a month + the housing benefit for the council flat.

Im crapping myself when they switch me to Universal Credit, ive seen too many horror stories about it on YT.

If you can build up some savings so you have a buffer against the 5 week wait for UC and money to cover food, rent and bills.

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My work credits have me at a few dollars shy of 1000 each month. I make sure not to spend more than that each month, thankfully I don’t have to pay full rent. If I could quit smoking I’d save 200 bucks per month.

i wonder how many of the people who chose ‘no government money’ would be able to get disability if they chose to apply for it. i wonder what is preventing them from getting disability

I qualify, but don’t think it’s worth it.

how could it not be worth it to take free money? if u can work full time, then you wouldn’t qualify so i cant think why u would turn it down

In Canada, if you are on disability they track where you live and with who. If you have a partner they can garnish his wages for back pay to any government programs. We owe student loans. $30,000 each. Alone we fall under a different tax bracket but together we would be considered middle income (barely.) That means much higher taxes. We also have a little one, I can qualify for daycare alone and be subsidized much more than if we claimed we were together. Sure having financial security would be nice, but at what cost? We would just end up loosing more from his income even if it’s only minimum wage. I can work part-time.

Disability doesn’t pay much usually. You can make more money flipping burgers at minimum wage than you can on SSI in the US.