[poll] did your illness begin in high school?

  • yes, in high school
  • no, earlier or later than high school

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Much later


I don’t know. I was drunk or high so much of the time and was such a mess from a bad childhood it is impossible to say what happened where and why with high school. I’m just focusing on being less ill.


Yes, when I was about 16.

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Yes for me, age 17

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Yes, I was 15ish

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I lost my math in senior. I had a girl friend and was doing well in junior. I think the basics came out. Paranoia. Racing thoughts but I always had them…

Earlier, from 5 to 12 as I remember. Already heard voices back then. They left after I was about 14, and returned at 21 left at 22 and had massive psychosis in my 30’s and now in my forties im stuck with it.

Perhaps children should be educated about sz, because it starts young or in teens. Mental health screening should be done at many stages in life, it prevent much damage later on.

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Yes when I was a freshman in HS and I had to drop out. There were a lot of warning signs. The school hired a therapist to talk to me and she tried to say I was depressed. I was also being bullied and harassed non stop. Mentally abused by teachers and students in boarding school in Ohio and they were all on LSD and doing dumb stuff.

From age of 10 I was withdrawn
Age 11 started to get anxiety
Age 15 paranoia started

I was taking illegal drugs all through high school, so I can’t say when

I don’t know when i got sick, i got detected with sz with 19 years while i was doing my apprenticeship. I broke back than under the pressure to succeed.

No, i was fine in high school

I was 15 when I started hearing voices. Diagnosed at 22y.o.

I think mine began about 5th grade. They first thought I was having mini seizures because I would zone out and become non responsive in school. I was also spending a good deal of time alone and trekking out to a large “praying rock” in the middle of a field behind our house where I spent hours. Oh yes, and my first voice from beyond the grave appeared at that time as well.

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I had a delusion when I was a kid. Then I had anxiety, paranoia and more delusions as a teen. Didn’t get diagnosed with schizophrenia until I was 25.

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I was 24 when I had my first psychosis.

I remember hearing a voice when i was 14. It was telling me to jump off a ferry like 60 ft high into the ocean. It was pretty scary as i didnt want to do that.

My panic attacks started at 13, psychosis at 15 and mood swings at 16

I don’t know about the prodomal phase and especially as far as the associated anxiety went with it which could have begun in elementary school. The voices may have started years earlier but I really noticed them at 23.