[poll] did your illness begin in high school?

No, in my apartment.


I have no idea really when it started. The first clearly psychotic symptoms I had were in highschool at 17 but even in 8th grade 2 years before that a councillor said “youre disorganized remember i said that” but said nothing of sz and i had no idea of the connection between the two.

I said no. My Sz didn’t manifest until my late 30s in the form of voices talking to me. However, I had some symptoms of mental illness as a teenager.

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For me it is exactly the same.

I had trouble in teenage years. I was depressed for a year. My class wasn’t nice, my best friend got bullied and I was excluded from fun after standing by her side against the rest. I didn’t fit in and became a bit distrustful. I also fought with my parents a lot. And got an ■■■■■■■ boyfriend. I think the first steps towards psychosis may have started here, or even in an earlier abuse situation in childhood…

But I only ended up being really psychotic in a much later trauma period (at 30 y/o).

Just after highschool. My first panic attack was first year university, I went downhill from there

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