Poll: Are you in mental pain?

I’m in an agony I can’t describe today. Its not a headache. That would be a physical pain. It’s an invisible mental “pain”. There’s not even a word for it. Maybe “distress” describes it a bit.

  • Yes, I’m in mental pain/distress too
  • No

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I understand what you’re saying. Not today thankfully. I’m very stressed out but not in psychic pain.

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e(Y)e’m Personally ,

Feeling ok … ,

So Far So Good … ,

but my Fear Sometimes Arrives at my metaphorical Door Fairly Quickly … ,

and Once again , , ,

e(Y)e have to Fynde new ways to Fight Back … ,

Sometimes e(Y)e jus Pass Out and (by) tha T(Y)me e(Y)e Awake tha Fear Disappears … ,

e(Y)e Love tha Sun Pretty much … ,

and Get Completely lost in tha Darkness of Regular Nites … … …

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Yeah, I’m so tired. Not physically tired. Tired.I’m not suicidal, but I’m tired.

The thrill is gone.


Would it be ok if e(Y)e Shared a SonggG (???)

Yes, go for it.

Thanks yo (!!!) ,

Here’s a Personal Favorite of myne … ,


(laLAla) - (laLAla) - (laLAla)


I am deeply distressed today. I hate medications, I hate this horrendous backache I always have from anxiety and I don’t know why I am wasting my time believing things are improving and will continue to improve. I feel nauseated and defeated. And this feeling of loneliness in horrific.


Yes, I am in distress. Physically as well.

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The past two weeks, I have been incredibly distressed. I was worried I was heading for a relapse. I feel better today, but I still can’t sleep for more than one night in a row. My brain feels less unstable, though. Maybe the increased sarcosine is starting to help.


I get the same way, even a simple task can make my stomach turn, brain is constantly worried about things that before I would think nothing of.


I’m in great pain when I am around people. When I’m alone it isn’t too bad.

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I’m usually in mental pain, to a point where I can get a headache.

but just not now. it’s not something I look forward to.

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Distress is a good word. I had a great talk with my son last night. However, he’s in a “down-cycle” and is feeling depressed, and distressed I’d say too. My heart absolutely breaks knowing who he is, how brilliant and wonderful and capable, but there’s nothing I can do to further him along in his life or lift him out of the gloom. It’s simply not fair, not right, that’s he should suffer and struggle at all.
Then, at work today, a coworker, who knows I and my son have sz, started talking to me about her “crazy sister-in-law”. She was describing her in such a disgusted tone, and then tells me that she and her husband figured out that this sister must have sz. I couldn’t believe it. Really???
I don’t even know where to go with that.
I’m frazzled and emotional and very tired this afternoon.
Sorry, @everhopeful. I just went on and on instead of wishing you well. I do wish you well. I hope you feel more at peace and positive very soon! :heart:


Hedgehog made me realize that I failed to even see that everhopeful was having an issue. I am sorry, as well. I think there is something wrong with this day. I hope it has gotten better for you and all involved. I think this day is rubbish and going to sleep and forgetting about it ought to be fair practice. Take care.


Yes I’m under agonising severe pain mentally

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Take care @everhopeful
I hope you feel better as soon as possible.
:v: :heart:


Not at the moment. my meds are taking it away and fortunately I live a low stress life. Without my meds - big mental pain!

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“Are you in mental pain?”

I was in mental pain 6 or less hours ago:
paranoid thoughts.
got some sleep. felt a bit better.

Sometimes i feel like i’m in “mental pain” and i could say that it sucks, not all the time i have this feeling

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