Poll: Are you a city person or a country person?

I just thought I’d take an informal count of folks here and see which you are. Sound off! Country or city, and why?

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I’m a city boy. Have only lived in Washington DC, Detroit, or Phoenix. I’m here in this small town temporarily. It will serve its purpose, and then we’re out of here.

I’d rather live in the city
Used to live London for five years
Like the country also but more for a short break

Like I’ve been saying I just went to chicago…

My town is 90k… still not enough people for real diversity. Chicago was cool. It’s like strangers literally don’t see each other.

It’d be cool to find a good balance somewhere that I could get adjusted to that kind of perspective on other people.

This stupid college town is judgement up and down. The middle aged folk aren’t too bad. The elderly do keep to themselves… The youth is really just trying to size themselves up against people. All the same though people will stare and glance all the time.

Neither, I prefer living in the Suburbs - its a blend of city and country together

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I much prefer the city but I’m stuck in the country because that’s what my parents prefer. At least I’m close to the city.

Country is nice but city is better IMO.

Country. I like my privacy.

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I like living where it’s quiet and not crowded, but I love being close to museums and galleries. When I lived in Northern California over 20 years ago it was perfect. I lived where it was pretty quiet with beautiful trees, and The City was a short distance away. I miss it, but I hear it’s over-populated (ruined) now.

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I lived in the city and it ■■■■■■■ sucked

I answered country because I wish I lived in the country. I live in a big city. My Mum recently moved out of the country. She had a five acre hobby farm in hinterland and it was where I went instead of hospital last year for about 7 or 9 months. I miss it.

I like the country because it is quiet and you don’t have close neighbours. I like the air in the country and I like all the green!

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I picked country, but more because I wouldn’t move from the place I live now, to a bigger place. There’s 60,000 people here.

It only took 10 years to adapt to the city(29 now)

will not leave anymore for fear that adaptation will go to waste

I am a country boy, born and bred. I lived in the city for a while but hated every minute of it. Now I am MILES from my nearest neighbor, I have a huge back yard, a proper space for a garden, and an honest to god work shed to do my carpentry projects in!

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I’m a little bit rock & roll.

I live in a medium sized town. Ideally I’d like to live in the country but it’s much harder since they decimated the bus timetable to rural areas. Really you need a car and a good job to live in the country now. Neither of which I have.

I’m a little bit of both!

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Can’t do cities for long. Too much going on. Country is nice. Country is calm.


I live in a city but prefer the country.

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I like both - I’m in between suburban. Lived in the suburbs all my life.

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I live in a big city although, sometimes, I would like to live in country.