Ideas of referance disclaimer


So I can’t be held responsible for what people think I’m trying to say over youtube videos and strings of text on the internet.

Chances are that you got it wrong. Especially since we live in a world where bad translates as good and dignity translates as cocky.

So there’s like a 95% chance of misunderstanding. And I lost like 20 IQ points even trying.

So w.e. take what you need and leave the rest. I also never said that I’m perfect, you probably said that I think I’m perfect because you think I think I’m perfect. Perfection is an unattainable standard. —And then we get wrapped up around innuendo and spirits of words and slagging-- and we have now devolved to the point of not even being able to communicate.

Perfection is an unattainable standard hence this message is not perfect. (and of course it’s not it’s only like 10 words and two paragraphs that arn’t even complete sentences or paragraphs.)


Also please don’t hold me accountable for things that you think that I think. We have now devolved.

It’s really not that complicated.

You want to be smart? Go to school.

You want money? Go to work.

You want to be healthy? Take care of your body.

You want nice hair? Buy nice shampoo.

You want nice skin? Buy some woman’s lotion are rub it on your face every night.

You want peace? Have one beer.

It’s not that complicated.

I assure you I’m above politics… I’ve been through far too much to be bothered with it.

But if I catch you messing with my mother again I’ll personally see to it that you’re all clapped in irons.

Consider yourselves pinched.

freaking bs purple trash ruiend the color for everyone.

and wathc what happenes when you push that that is a legal gang affiliation technically.

And then I’m gonna get high fives from everyone in town for dropping the hammer.

Because everyone in town knows you little twerps do this ■■■■. EVERYONE- I will find witnesses if you wanna claim I’m delusional.

You can’t win.

You lose.


ok i’m done now.

and for the record it’s not civil charges- it’s actually a criminal charge. Which noone’s gonna deny you’re a bunch of criminal twerps.

I’m not really gonna do anything though, lol. Except sit here and have a beer and laugh at how everyone just crapped their pants.

I can’t believe how sick you scum bags are… tormenting a crazy person and then running around telling everyone he’s delusional…

I wonder what the admin must think when all of the IP addresses are coming from the same town on an international website.

It’s just so disgusting- I’m telling everyone. ok? I’m telling everyone you people did this to me. Everyone. It’s the oldest trick in the book too. I’m telling everyone! you’re all a bunch of filthy scum trash.

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