Poem wings of tutorial

Tetris comes x
Slows time z
Prepares smoke screen
Wildcat helps dragon
Dragon helps us
Us create adventure
Adventure rocks planet

Tetris comes B
The planet creates fresh air
Air brings us to z
Couse x slows time

Travel in time x z
X equals z
Z - strong emotion
D- love balloon
The time is fast
Clock works alright
Ok let’s go to S
Game over


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I filtered your poem a few times through Google Translate for you:

Tetris Fashion X
Help Dragons
Dragons help us
Sports tour
World Cup

Our planet is filled with fresh air
The sky gives us zero
X Total

Travel time
X Time
Z - power
D - Loving them
It’s a fast time
Be happy
Now, oh
This game is correct


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Hahaha that’s funny

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