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Nayone interested in art seriously?

Some part of me wants to make a game but my passions are too diluted.

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Thinking to move to another starsystem after this life. Don’t know, they are some goofy planets i haven’t been yet.

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Why do you want to make a game

Want to gamify some kinds of education. Like speed reading.

Speed reading is surrealism. Do you know anyone who speed reads? Learn to read slow first dood

Humble bundle check there is always things for game devs

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Howard Berg reads at 25 thousand words per minute with full comprehension. That is a book in 5 to 10 minutes.

I have his course. I could gamify it but motivation and prioritization is kind of at odds.

I could realistically get people to 500 WPM in a month of casual use.

I’d be seriously happy if I could read 100WPM or even 200 WPM. A thousand seems surreal to me.

I could theoretically get you to 1000. Hell of a thing codifying that path though.

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