Poem while out and about

I found peace while you were silent. What happend? What brought you back to me? Why are you calling? While the world kept revolving? My storms came and gone while you were silent. Now here you come like a tv blasting the news of violence. What brought you back to me? Was it your Lying?


Is this autobiographical in any way?

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Yes it is. Sometimes i dont have answer to things going on in my life like how another person feels or thinks. I have alot of people in my ears some are intended to hurt me some to help me. Like even on this forum i feel people hate my guts but i believe i am here for a reason. And yes my car has been keyed several times lol.

When you write a poem that involves someone, do you let them read it as a way to express yourself to them?

I understand what you mean about feeling like people hate you. I think my natural assumption is that people hate me by default and only if they prove they don’t hate me do I believe it. I think it is my depression, paranoia, and low self esteem all mixing together.

I don’t know if it helps but i seriously doubt anyone on this forum hates you in the least.

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No i have not. I never thought about it.

And i will never do such a thing to paranoid for that lol.

I understand. I think it is more okay for Szs to stay in their comfort zone because we often know better than other people where our lives need to be at so we remain stable.

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