Poem: Tulips the spring love

Poem: Tulips

I just got you
tulips for my enjoyment
for refreshing my life
like the spring love
you meant to blossom
you meant to be beautiful
did I not treat right?
did I give you water?
in the sunshine
you seem to be fading away
maybe never to blossom
maybe never to shine
was water poisonous?
didn’t you get the sunshine?
my spring love fading away
like dying red tulips
I tried
but you are fading away
dying, your beautiful flowers
like the spring love
I tried
but you failed to blossom
in the sunshine
your green leaves changing colors
your buds not opening
not to blossom, not to shine
like the spring love
you are fading away
I tried
but you failed
failed to bring joy in my life
my simple life
you tulips dying away
like the spring love
not to blossom
not to produce red flowers
I tried.


My tulips started living again, started blossoming, the spring love alive again.


The God does mysterious things, makes dying to live again, makes weak powerful again, just one proof of the existence of the God and the God’s energies.

After a few days, if you snip a tiny bit off the end of the stem, it exposes new cells and the flowers will perk up again too.

Thanks, I’ll do that.

Did that and my tulips seem to be doing well. Thanks.

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True, God’s energies are real.

Doesn’t make it easier though i noticed so i just dropped it.

He even showed me that he made the trees, that really happened, not a hallucination at all, really, i swear, somebody did in fact create the trees, proof positive has been shown.

But who cares, nothing gets better, doesn’t matter for now.

We’d be fools to continue.

Isn’t the God beautiful? My tulips with my other plants doing so well in the sunshine. I like these.

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My tulips blossomed and now withered away, but I think that these flowers caused an allergic reaction, because my nose started running and I sneezed often. Now tulips are in the garbage bag.

I have that happen with blooming flowers in the house.