Poem - Spring


The nature has appeared after the melting snow
new plants, flowers, leaves being born to the sunlight
little streams flowing into the bigger streams
taking the cover of the winter away
for new lives, new relations and new people
finding the way to create new living communities
it is as the rebirth of a human soul
the Sun warming more and more as days pass
smiling and happy people enjoying the light
enjoying their lives as new beginnings for something
something that they find later as days pass
in this spring everything is new, unknown, new beginnings
moving ahead in the time for the coming summer
new lovely relationships between people start blooming again
as it has happened in every spring in the past centuries
the human soul is energized to seek love as blooming flowers do
in many places on the Earth people have thrown their winter coats away
receiving the warmth of the Sun with smiling faces
the human feels reborn again to discover something
something that other people have created and now showing
in this delightful spring day everybody is happy
no more winter, only the Sun and its comfortable light
to make the human live again
to prepare for the coming summer
better than ever before in the past of the soul.

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