Poem - Thousand years

Thousand years

Where are you from?
Where are you going now?
The lonely soul asks alone
having the history of thousand years
the memories from the past
to provide some guidance for the future
but still not knowing the future
when wars will begin
and when the peace shall arrive
as it has been already for thousand years
the behavior has evolved
all genes defining the direction of the life
in the world where nothing is perfect
everybody making mistakes, telling wrong things
as it has been already for thousand years
technology develops ever faster
increasing the information flow
creating new demands for the faster processing
one year after another going faster, exponentially
communicating globally with ease
but still genes are the same
as these were thousand years ago
a thousand years old with experiences of these years
but still not able to see the future
guessing the direction and hoping the best
eventually finding the truth and the happiness
in this chaotic and complex world
finding the man by himself
in the end.

I figured that if I write one poem a day, I shall have 365 poems in one year and then I have the whole poem book that can be published. What do you think?

go for it if that is what you want to do :slight_smile:

i write on a site called allpoetry.com and people give you feedback on what you write, its a good site.

think i am an ok writer but i lack motivation, when i am in the mood i write pretty good but i dont think i could write a poem every day.

nice poem btw i like the lne ‘guidance for the future’ :slight_smile:

take care

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I like to write. I started maintaining my notebooks in Feb 1999 and during these 15 years I have written 30 notebooks. Would be interesting to publish these digitally, because these are written on paper. Thanks for that allpoetry.com site.