New poem, (breathe)

if a thousand sighs made a harsh wind
how many whispers would make a hurricane?
how much laughter could make a twister?
i breathe in life and breathe out

as the seedlings are carried gently on the breeze
so must our thoughts wander the plains
making sand storms in their wake

i ride on that wave of destiny
where a single heartbeat
can tell a thousand tales of woe
and love is eternal

i want to plunder the land of my fathers
as long as there is life to find the truth that is
what nature intended

we are here for a purpose,
our very breath is carried on the sea
up to the horizon
i would not trade my breath for anything
life breeds life,

the future is now.


I love this, thank you and well done for writing a lovely poem!

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i lost you

where did you go?

to far away lands

you melted like snow

i asked for you
for your welcome return

i waited forever
but you did not come

i sensed a deep burning
a desire unknown
i saw embers flying
the seeds they were sown

awakened my treasure
from deep down below
from embers of glory
you started to grow

the winter was over
and thats all i know

new poem i wrote with no name as of yet lol, will welcome suggestions lol