Poem: Sunrise

The sun is rising
the night is fading away
the sky becomes lighter
the moment after another
seeing people walking
riding bicycles
automobiles passing by
ever increasing in the number
the nature is waking up
little birds start singing
in the early spring Sun
everything seems to be born again
seeing trees, buildings, roads clearer
the streets lights are turned off
bringing more light to the living
to all humans, animals, the nature
the warmth of the first light rays
the warmth of the Sun
I feel alive again
after the fading night
I am reborn again
in the rising Sun.

Do you ever try writing with metaphor(s)?

I like the realism .

Have you ever tried to write a villanelle?

No, I had to check what this villanelle meant. Maybe I could try.

If you write one, please post it

A sonnet is another form that might fit your style.