Poem: Salvage

If there is anything to salvage
From the Ashes
It is honesty with oneself
A friend in need
Some stumbling, clumsy attempt at reconciliation
But I have been the fool
And I can’t blame you
Be well my friend
Whatever that means for you

I’ve been writing a stream of poetry about my ex-girlfriend, Janet lately. Hopefully this marks the end, and the beginning of something more constructive


Processing what a relationship was to us and how it effected us and how in ended is constructive in my eyes. I never did really process my divorce. But then again I see my ex almost everyday. lol.


It’s funny you say that. I was just pondering why I even think of her now. It’s not like she was a major influence in my life or anything. Maybe just didn’t realize I still had some things to deal with with her

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Just some things left to say, and closure as they say. I like your poem, you have a nice writing style.

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I know what you mean @leafy . And thanks for the compliment

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Non is true, everything is false m(-_-)

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Not sure what you mean

The poem should have went like this I salvaged my life from the schizophrenia I have for the meds that I take to the Caring Hands and if this car drives I will reach the end a better person then my friends

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